• 06 Dec 2010
    Marcia was able to locate some new information and had some good ideas on my research project. There is still much to be discovered and I hope to have her continue on as time permits in solving my genealogy puzzle. I'd definitely recommend her as a researcher.
  • 06 Dec 2010
    I feel she did a great job, would use her again. The only problem I had was trying to open items online that I was referred to. Linda
  • 01 Dec 2010
    Great effort!! Thank yiou for the heart felt efforts!
  • 30 Nov 2010
    Marcia McCartt went far beyond my expectations in searching for my Turner/Hinkle ancestors. She is very professional and works very hard. She has given me a path to follow and renewed my interest in genealogy.
  • 30 Nov -0001
    Marcia McCartt delivered!!! She found my great grandmother's mother and so much more, providing documents for all her discoveries. I appreciated her frequent communications, keeping me posted on her progress with my family history and genealogy.
  • 14 Nov 2010
    Marcia was great. She was able to find the missing evidence I had been looking for!
  • 29 Oct 2010
    Marcia helped me learn where to look for certain things. I still haven't absolutely determined who John's parents were but she showed me how to find who they probably were. I'm a WHOLE lot farther than I was before.
  • 13 Oct 2010
    Nice work. Marcia followed the protocol she outlined for me in the proposal and worked diligently to obtain all source documents from the local genealogical authorities. I am very happy with the results. Thanks!
  • 12 Oct 2010
    Marcia was successful in confirming some Maryland connections that we thought were there. But she also was successful in doing several things that were much appreciated: 1. She is an excellent communicator. When she ordered microfilm that was several weeks in coming, Marcia stayed in touch just to let me know that she was there and I had not be set aside. 2. She had a personal loss in her family while involved with this project. I also had a family emergency that required travel for a couple of weeks. But Marcia stayed in touch throughout just so that I would know that she was still waiting for the filom. 3. During her wait, she researched migration routes from Maryland to NC that have given some alternative possibilities for research. we had never thought of looking at migration routes. 4. She was helpful in directing me to the Maryland archives for land records which are proving most interesting. Maryland has excellent access to their land historical land records. 5. When the film did arrive, she asked questions of what research we had done as she encountered names and dates. I appreciated her desire to stay on the right direction. Her final report was to the point, complete with exhibits from the microfilm. As we have been involved with DNA genealogy research, she had some input and questions that will prove helpful. Marcia was attentive, approachable, available, agreeable and most of all, she followed her carefully crafted research plan when this project began. I would highly recommend Marcia for any genealogy work to be done.
  • 11 Oct 2010
    It has been a pleasure working with Marcia. She achieved something that 20 years of off and on research has not done. I plan to work more with Marcia in the future. I liked the fact that she let me contribute and work along with her on parts of the project.
  • 03 Oct 2010
    Outstanding. I was very impressed with the quality of Marcia's work and the support I received in achieving my goal of a DAR application. I would certainly use Marcia again for similar research.
  • 02 Oct 2010
    Great to work with. Helped out with a tight deadline. Great communication. would highly recommend.
  • 29 Sep 2010
    She made connections and found things in places I wouldn't have known to look for. She was patient in educating me and very informative. She is an excellent person for a ""newbie"" to start with because she helps to bring it down to a personal level and not just make it a ""find this piece of paper"" kind of project. I would love to work with her, again.
  • 15 Sep 2010
    Absolutely wonderful work by Marcia. She found some amazing documents and really went in a lot of different directions for me. I highly recommend her work.
  • 12 Sep 2010
    Yes this research was helpful in confirming my research. Other leads were given for future reseach as well as resouces. As more info. is available I should be able to connect Mary Croy McCoy to Jacob Croy and Catherine Beam.
  • 06 Sep 2010
    Nice job! Timely, well written, right tone and, let's not forget, good advice. The other expert was condescending and almost rude. She didn't even read the ""What do I need to do to find them"" as she scolded me for using the wrong method of contacting an expert. Third expert wasn't quite as timely, but that's okay as I don't know his schedule or other priorities. Didn't really give much advice, but at least he tried the methods I had and confirmed he couldn't find them either so at least I knew I hadn't overlooked anything and that's good! Just as an update, Marcia: I did check all the available city directories and the people still don't show up so I'm off to check court records--ugh!! How well I know how boring or sidetracking checking the census page by page can be. You gave an excellent tip for those that haven't done it and that is to take frequently breaks to keep your focus sharp. Thank you. Nice job! Linda Simonds Tucson AZ
  • 02 Sep 2010
    Great! Marcia is very clear, detailed and professional. I would work with her again and recommend her to others.
  • 23 Aug 2010
    Happy with the info...didn't find out everything I wanted (didn't really expect to) but got a good start. I plan to continue on searching. Would use Marcia again if I needed more research done.
  • 20 Aug 2010
    marcia is excellent at communicating to let you know what or what not was found out. she is detailed on her information which is a plus for me. unfortunately we or she was unable to fing all info i had requested but not due to her lack of knowledge or abilities. would strongly recommend her to others. thanks. wendell stevens
  • 20 Aug 2010
    Marcia was great and went above and beyond the parameters of my project request. She is extremely resourceful, knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her as an invaluable geneological professional!