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Marcia is a true expert. She helped break through a "brick wall" in my own research and then gave me the tools to keep digging. Thanks to her I know so much more about my family roots. And although I know she spent lots of time researching and looking for the answers with and for me, she made it look so easy. The next time I run into a snag, I will definitely seek out Marcia to help.

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marcia's correspondence with me was great!!! always looking for info of question. unfortunately we couldnt get all the solid info on thomas hedrick stevens and his mother and father as we wanted and couldnt substantiate his fathers father as a member of the american revolution. appears they were kinda like gypsys and moved around alot. when i can fund the next round i would like for marcia to continue where we left off at pendelton ky if she will please convey to her. thanks wendell

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It was great working with Marcia. She was very professional and I would be glad to use her for future projects.

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Great Researcher! Highly Recommend!

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Absolutely wonderful work by Marcia. She found some amazing documents and really went in a lot of different directions for me. I highly recommend her work.

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Marcia: Thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf in trying to locate the birth record of my great-grandfather Homer. I figured it was a shot in the dark but was hoping someone might be able to point me in another direction to look. I was able to find that he actually died here in the Buffalo, NY area my Grandparent's were living here at the time and obtained his death certificate from City Hall on Friday. It does state he was born in Ashtabula, Ohio, but only gives me the name of his Father as James but know listing for his Mother. There is also some connection to Michigan I am going to research as well! Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction. I hadn't thought of trying to locate a death certificate and it has turned out to be a step in the right direction. Melissa Patterson Allen

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It was a real pleasure to work with Marcia on this project. Her passion for genealogy is infectious. She is knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic, generously sharing her wisdom & expertise. She definitely goes "above & beyond" to assist her clients. I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects. Thanks, Marcia !
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