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Research Packages:


Hourly research - $25.00 per hour (excludes document costs, microfilm costs, postage, travel expenses). Mileage charged at IRS rates. Four hour minimum required.


Basic Lineage Research & document retrieval for entry into various Societies: DAR; SAR; Mayflower; Florida Pioneers, etc. (includes document costs under $10.00, microfilm costs & postage) - $800.00  (Note: Difficult and brick wall lineage research for societies will require more research time than what is alloted for basic research and document retrieval.  This will be discussed prior to commencement of research)


Brick Wall research

$1,000-$5,000 +

To be negotiated with client. Initial consultation free of charge, which can be done in person, by telephone or via e-mail. $5000.00 is the minimum to retain my services for one year - $5,000.00 will provide a maximum of five hours of research time per week for one year. Includes document & microfilm costs, postage and travel expenses). Amount varies depending on degree of difficulty.


$1,000-$30,000 +

To be negotiated with client. Initial consultation free of charge, which can be done in person, over the telephone or via e-mail. Amount varies depending on amount of work necessary. Example: Camera ready material requires less time than a project which requires research, writing or editing, searching for templates/layout, uploading material. Additonal charges for printing and binding, which will be discussed during consultation.


All packages to be paid in full before research commences.
For PayPal payments, add 2.90% of total (for transaction fee).
Cross-Border add 3.90% of total (for transaction fee).
Dwolla Transactions are free.
We also accept checks, money orders .and cash payments


Hourly research can also be conducted in increments, working with the client’s budget. At the end of the increment, client can determine if he/she wants to continue the research or stop. Increment amount to be agreed upon and paid before research commences. This works well for many of our clients.


Often times research efforts will not yield desired results, or the search may produce negative results. Client is paying for researcher’s time and expertise. No refunds.  Researcher will always suggest avenues for further research. In the case of negative research, researcher will compile an analysis of the documentation/evidence contained in the sources searched.

Marcia researching Revolutionary War Ancestor, Ambrose Jones, in 1997.
Marcia with's Expert Connect Team at FGS Knoxville Conference in 2010, photo courtesy of's, Expert Connect, used by permission.